Golden Autumn

Autumn, the season before winter and after summer, were leaves turns into golden colour and starts falling. I would say the most beautiful season, and I realized that I am correct when we recently went to Switzerland this autumn. Below picture says it all.   Posted for this week Sunday Still Challenge


Below is the picture posted for this week Sunday challenge.(‘Bridge”). Picture take from Abu Dhabi, the photo taken with slow shutter speed to get the glazy effect on water. Posted for Sunday Challenge


This week Sunday Challenge is ‘without Zoom’, below is a picture taken from SA which I think will be apt for the challenge..      

Photography Challenge#6:- Smoke

Our sixth photographic challenge, between our photo buddies was picturing smoke…Interesting challenge, and the challenge is to get the smoke in focus..  

W for Watch

This week Sunday challenge is something to start with W. For W it is Watch for me. This picture was taken as a part of product photography challenge with Desertwings, thought of sharing this for this challenge too.     Posted for Sunday Challenge

Sound Photography

This time “Sound photography” was the challenge between Desert Wings. The idea is totally new to me, it something like taking the picture of something which is disturbed to sound waves, or frequency. The Sound photography as it sounds like, was a tough challenge, especially to setup the ambiance  like woofer/speaker, playing beat music, mixing up colours, placing…


For our next challenge, panning. It is not any easy thing as we think, it needs lots of practice and patience. Here is my best shot on the same.


This week Sunday Challenge is some thing hot. For this sort of challenge, what else we can think of…   Posted for Sunday Challenge


Tried couple of HDR photos today morning,,,the place is just behind our villa…it was very quite in the morning, quite in the sense no wind, no boats, no ripples in the water….so thought of taking some reflection shots fusing with HDR. But as soon I started, a boat passed by and few ripples were formed,…

The Ghost Town

We 4 friends (Nivin, Firas Henry & myself) went for a photo shoot to one of an abandoned city in UAE last week. The city called Jazirat Al Hamra or known as”The Ghost town”. The city is known as Ghost town since inhabitants abandoned the city for good in 16th century. The place which is…