This sunset picture was taken from Abu Dhabi Corniche during last week. There was A.R Rahman concert held at Dubai last week and I could not take my family  for that, so in order to compensate that I took them to Abu Dhabi Corniche at the same time.

You can also see the magnificent Emirates Palace Hotel, the national landmark of UAE besides. I did some contrast correction for this picture other than that the sky was as it is.

 Posted in Skywatch Friday


20 thoughts on “Sundown

  1. Beautiful!!! I hope you will consider sending me an email about what you are grateful for to add to this year’s gratitude word quilt. It will be posted on my blog on Dec 31st. I am collecting expressions of gratitude from around the world. Enjoy the weekend’s skies, blue, grey, or filled with a pallet of many colors!
    Gentle steps,

  2. I think that was one rare sundown shot from Abu Dhabi! Great to see this shot 🙂
    The sun slowly dipping while a line of clouds make merry together, all in the gold of yellow!

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