Photography challenge#3: Street Photography- Perfect Portrait

This challenge was to shoot people on streets/public places, to lock them up with the best possible focus and to fade out the background as much as you can without any Photoshop assistance.

I tried many ways to get a close up portrait but did not work, ..Finally, managed to get below picture from Abu Dhabi Streets. I was in the car and suddenly spotted this man…even though my aperture was in the least number,couldn’t make background blurred much. But liked bit of colur it created in the background. (bit of watercolur style)…One thing I learned from street photography is , it is not that easy as we think, lots of strangers, starring eyes, surprised faces ,,etc etc  ,,,but if you managed to take some pictures ,,believe me you will be surprised with the colours you can create at night…(I mean different colours in the street)…really amazing..Thanks nivin for this wonderful challenge.


I would like to add below picture to this challenge, which was taken after few days.



6 thoughts on “Photography challenge#3: Street Photography- Perfect Portrait

  1. Glad you enjoyed the challenge bro 😀 Street photography is not at all easy…

    The only thing I would like to see was a much more close up photograph. But you did fine! Nice subject you got in there 🙂

    1. Thank you, I know I was trying for the same a much more close up picture,,,but as you said in your blog it is not all easy in this country…anyway I will try untill i get one..

  2. The perfect portraits always pocess a strong force which would attract us to the subject’s story, your capture has a great story of a very low profile human being and his life. Compare him, is he bothered of Storage space in his hard drive? upgrading his iPad? Investment plans? career jump? …………. NO, he could be thinking of making an additional 100 Dirhams to send his home for his daughter’s school fees or to pay treatment bills for his sick wife. He is completely excluded from our current compitative world, he is competing with his fate.

    Again on portraits we need to learn a lot from Nivin, i think basically the whole face of the subject should be crispy clear and lights & tones play a great deal of creativity. We need to work on this subject agian and more in detail. For me the challenge is still on….

  3. Shafeel – you did good.. came up with a strong subject… I feel – a bit more close up/ crop would give a much more impressive subject.
    Enjoyed reading the post and comments here : )

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