Sunday Stills: On the Road

This week sunday challenge is “On the Road”. Below picture is taken from one of the busiest place in UAE..called National Paints Roundabout in Sharjah – UAE. This is the place where four road lane (Emirates road) narrows to two roads. Now in UAE, the brand National Paint is a synonym for Traffic Jam.

Posted for Sunday Challenge


7 thoughts on “Sunday Stills: On the Road

  1. Heii, great shot dude, u really nailed it down with relevance. Very true and well said. Everytime i pass by that road, i wonder …what on earth made them built such a huge motoway to cut through that conjested industrial area. Its drivers night mare.

    good one Shafeel, keep it up.

    Good to see you change the theme, nice more again. We are growing up with photos.

  2. A clean shot! though i would prefer to be waiting behind some super care here and there. you know what i mean. ha ha

    And a fun way to remember the Nat’l paints r/a… Nowadays I approach Shj by the bypass road and turn to maleha road towards shj and cut right just after the university buildings. thats a free way right into the heart of shj… and no radars as well!

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