Below is the picture posted for this week Sunday challenge.(‘Bridge”).

Picture take from Abu Dhabi, the photo taken with slow shutter speed to get the glazy effect on water.


Posted for Sunday Challenge


The Ghost Town

We 4 friends (Nivin, Firas Henry & myself) went for a photo shoot to one of an abandoned city in UAE last week. The city called Jazirat Al Hamra or known as”The Ghost town”. The city is known as Ghost town since inhabitants abandoned the city for good in 16th century. The place which is  situated in Ras Al Khaimah”(northern most emirate of UAE) seems to be like a ghost town as it says.  We reached there by 3:30 AM, mounted our cameras on tripod and start shooting. It last for 5 hours and return back by 8:30 AM. Below are my few clicks.






Sunday Challenge: Rays of Sunshine

This week’s sunday challenge was to capture rays of sunshine..and here is my post for the challenge. The photo was taken from Jabel Al Akder in Muscat- Oman. The term Jabel Al Akder (Arabic)  means ‘Green Mountain”, . It is one of Oman’s most spectacular areas.

The range is mostly desert, but at higher altitudes it receives around 300 mm (12 in) of precipitation annually, moist enough to allow the growth of shrubs and trees and support agriculture. It is this that gives the mountains their ‘green’ name. Cool summers provide the visitor with fresh air surrounded by breathtaking stones. The area is about 2 hours drive from Nizwa and is famous for its traditional rose water extraction and agricultural products including pomegranate, apricot, peach and walnut. The Jebel is mostly inhabited by the ancient Arab tribe Bani Riyam (al Riyamy) Pop.( approx. 14,000 ). However most descendants of the tribe are now in nearby towns Such as Nizwa, Izki and some inhabit Ibra.

Posted for Sunday Challenge.