Photography challenge#3: Street Photography- Perfect Portrait

This challenge was to shoot people on streets/public places, to lock them up with the best possible focus and to fade out the background as much as you can without any Photoshop assistance.

I tried many ways to get a close up portrait but did not work, ..Finally, managed to get below picture from Abu Dhabi Streets. I was in the car and suddenly spotted this man…even though my aperture was in the least number,couldn’t make background blurred much. But liked bit of colur it created in the background. (bit of watercolur style)…One thing I learned from street photography is , it is not that easy as we think, lots of strangers, starring eyes, surprised faces ,,etc etc  ,,,but if you managed to take some pictures ,,believe me you will be surprised with the colours you can create at night…(I mean different colours in the street)…really amazing..Thanks nivin for this wonderful challenge.


I would like to add below picture to this challenge, which was taken after few days.



Hello bloggers

Hello bloggers ,I am truely new to this world of photography. Recently bought my first DSLR..and i am not yet fully aware of all the buttons on my camera.Anyway i going for a try to my skills on this

This is me..

wonderfull world of photography…As a start i would like to share the first picture of my self…