Below is the picture posted for this week Sunday challenge.(‘Bridge”).

Picture take from Abu Dhabi, the photo taken with slow shutter speed to get the glazy effect on water.


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Sound Photography

This time “Sound photography” was the challenge between Desert Wings. The idea is totally new to me, it something like taking the picture of something which is disturbed to sound waves, or frequency. The Sound photography as it sounds like, was a tough challenge, especially to setup the ambiance  like woofer/speaker, playing beat music, mixing up colours, placing them on the membrane which is placed over sound box and setting up camera..And of course, this cannot be achieved without  helping hands. So we decided (photo buddies) to make it a team effort and could manage to get couple of photos from the 467 pics which i took.

Thanks Nivin for for this challenge and pushing us hard .

Picture 1# IPL Special,Chris Gayle hitting a six out of the park



Picture 2: My favorite team Mumbai Indians in joy after wining this season IPL (hope so).




The Ghost Town

We 4 friends (Nivin, Firas Henry & myself) went for a photo shoot to one of an abandoned city in UAE last week. The city called Jazirat Al Hamra or known as”The Ghost town”. The city is known as Ghost town since inhabitants abandoned the city for good in 16th century. The place which is  situated in Ras Al Khaimah”(northern most emirate of UAE) seems to be like a ghost town as it says.  We reached there by 3:30 AM, mounted our cameras on tripod and start shooting. It last for 5 hours and return back by 8:30 AM. Below are my few clicks.






Light trails

I do not want to miss this interesting challenge of this week sunday stills, so just got out and took few shots.

This picture was taken at Abu Dhabi Corniche road with Tripod. The interesting thing is that when I place the tripod on the side of road, cars  were slowed down suspecting, traffic police placing speed cameras.


Below two shots were taken without tripod, by making some jerk and one by adjusting the focus after opening the shutter.



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